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As a native Washingtonian, an active member of the local community, and the only daughter of Silver Spring’s most prominent REALTOR, one might have construed my decision to become a REALTOR as obvious. These are the same people who have no idea what it was like as a young child to experience late-night appointments, millions of phone calls at home, contract presentations, and phone duty at the office. It actually took graduating from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, working at the Discovery Channel, the American Red Cross, and a local promotional products company before a career in real estate appealed to me.
Inflicted with an early twenties crisis, I found myself searching for a constructive way to combine my business savvy (making money) with a desire to help people (social responsibility). Real estate has provided me with this balance. I have always enjoyed the history of our community and the charm and character of the homes that exist within. I combine a solid business sense, strong negotiation skills, and an internal drive for success with a down-to-earth attitude. In addition, a cancer sun sign brews a deep appreciation for a place not just to call your house but a place to call your home! I am thankful for the ability to share my passions and knowledge in assisting others in one of the largest decisions of their lives–buying or selling real estate.

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