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Although Sydney "Syd" Bell is new to the Levin Group, they have been proudly serving the District of Columbia for several years as an agent with Long & Foster. 
Prior to their career in real estate, Syd was a molecular biologist conducting fundamental research with bio-medical application - that's quite a mouthful, we know! Although these two fields could not be more different, there is a similar set of skills required to navigate both. 
Syd's intellectual and thoughtful approach while dealing with their clients has proven successful in even the most challenging situations. Using several steps of the scientific method, Syd uses keen observation to figure out what their clients need, experiments with different options, measures the results, and even modifies their hypothesis on the fly to make sure the clients achieve their real estate goals. This method has brought us advances in medicine, technology, and engineering after all - so why not apply it to real estate?

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